Year 14


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Fairytales Reloaded (Extended Unit Award units)

The aim of the Programme of Study this year is to continue to recognise the need for recovery work, this year focusing on social communication skills, understanding of relationships and life beyond school, including the world of work. In addition, work will target building confidence writing for a range of purposes including making links between the notion of the writer and their audience.  Through engaging with a wide range of texts, students will explore character, plot, key events and themes related to traditional and modern fairy stories and folk tales.  They will engage with appropriate PSHE issues linked to a range of relationships including an understanding of ‘real’ and ‘fantasy’.   Students will also engage with the changing nature of roles in society associated with gender at an appropriate level. Students' work will be accredited through the AQA Unit Award Scheme; units have been written to provide opportunities for students to develop their Reading, Writing and Speaking, Listening & Communication skills towards their next step exam. Each group will engage with a range of text most appropriate for them in terms of engagement and theme.


Pupils are grouped in classes based on age, ability and previous accreditations achieved. Work is differentiated for pupils and they are encouraged to work as independently as possible. Learning within maths utilises spiral learning, so key concepts and skills are retaught each time to counter regression and then to increase difficulty. Pupils are given the opportunity to generalise the learning outside of the classroom and apply these to real life situations outside of Meadow. Pupils will only be entered into an exam if deemed suitable and appropriate by the Maths Faculty Leader and Class Teacher. 

GCSE (WJEC) Foundation (accredited)

Edexcel Functional Skills Level 1 (accredited)

Life Skills 1 Year SOW

Consolidation Learning 2 Year Cycle 

AQA Entry Level 2 (2 years - accredited)

AQA Entry Level 3 (2 years - accredited)

Everyday Maths 2 Year Cycle 

PSHCE / RSE / British Values













Vocational Pathways 

A sentence about what it is and why we do it

Onsite Work Experience - Teaching Assistant 

Onsite Work Experience - Site Team

Onsite Work Experience - Cleaner

Onsite Work Experience - Car Wash

Onsite Work Experience - Tuck Shop

Onsite Work Experience - Charity Shop

Food Bank

Self Study Time

Green Corridor 


Team Enterprise - Arts & Crafts

Lifeskills and Care



AQA Unit Award 80617 Care of the New born baby

AQA Unit Award 71514 Moving into volunteering





Students will be able to identify the necessary equipment needed and cost involved  for providing a new-born with formula feeds.  They will be able to prepare a feed safely and hygienically.  They will compare the differences between bottle versus breast.

Students will be able to successfully complete a volunteering role within an elderly care centre.





























Food Technology


























Moving On

on carousel with BCA and Innov8


When learning about Moving On, students will increase their understanding of the different options available to them when they leave school. They will become more confident and prepared for life after school as they will gain the knowledge and skills required to make informed choices about their life. The overall intention is that students become as independent as possible when looking after themselves, their home and make informed choices about their life and know how and where to seek support when required.

Work Experience













BCA College Placement













Innov8, Home Management, College Placement









Double Options














Double Options

Btec Level 1 Construction

The course is designed to give students the knowledge required to carry out various construction trade related tasks. The main areas covered by the course are-

●       Plumbing

●       Bricklaying

●       Carpentry

●       Painting and Decorating

Students have the opportunity to gain valuable practical experience and skills in a realistic learning environment through various practical tasks and assessments. The students will also learn about the structure of the construction industry, health and safety and sustainability.


Double Options














Double Options













Health and Social Care

Double Options















Single Option














Single Option









Single Option














Single Option














Single Option













Resistant Materials

Single Option













PE (Leisure)

Single Option














Single Option













Sport Leadership

Single Option

In KeyStage 5 we offer pupils the chance to study Sports Leadership. It is a registered awarding organisation for sports leadership qualifications and awards,  with the vision “for every young person to realise their potential.”  

The course last two years and pupils will work towards achieving; 

A learning to lead certificate

Level 1 Qualification

Level 2 Qualification



Enrichment runs Friday lesson 5 and 6 . During this time it allows students the opportunity to experience activities that are not usually available to them. It allows them to develop their own interests and hobbies that they can continue to access at home, in the community or as they move on to other settings. Our students will be mixing with peers outside of their tutor class and year groups so that they can make new friends and mix with a variety of students and different staff which will promote social skills, communication skills and coping with change. 

Most importantly, we are offering students a safe and secure environment to take on new opportunities with supportive staff relationships, so that they have the confidence to attempt new things.