Resources for 75th Anniversary of VE Day Celebrations (Friday 8 May 2020)

At Meadow we had planned to have a street party to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of VE Day.   Due to the lock-down, we will not be able to do this.  However, please see the flyer below for ideas about having a stay at home party instead.

(Note:  This Friday 8 May is a national bank holiday).   Please remember to follow all social distancing rules.

We have added some resources and links below which you could use if you wish.






Please click here to view a VE Day 75th Anniversary Information PowerPoint which helps to explain the significance of VE day.


Click  here to view a VE Day Victory Powerpoint



Here is a PDF of bunting to download,  print and colour.  


Here is some bunting already coloured in - print out,  cut and make your own bunting !


Here is a Union  Jack flag to print and colour in.



Here is a PDF of VE Day celebrations to download, print and colour.


Here is a PDF of a VE Day Wordsearch to download and print



Make your own spitfire, by printing out and following the instructions on the sheet.


You may like to write a VE Day Diary on this template.


Here are some VE Day fact  cards you can download and make - or just read the facts