What to Expect From an Annual Review of your Child's Education Health Care Plan

Information provided by Hillingdon Parent Carer Forum - January 2020

We have recently been hearing that there could be some knowledge gaps, around what is expected from the Annual Review of children's/young people's Education, Health and Care Plans. To address this, we invite you to take a look at this short 4-minute video, put together by the Council for Disabled Children, that shows the 5 main steps that will help you understand the Annual Review time-framed process, and what is required by all those involved. Step 3 shows you the 7 points that the Annual Review meeting must focus on. We hope you find this useful.

You Tube 4 min video from the Council for Disabled Children


For further information:

Council for Disabled Children website

PDF of EHCP Checklist from IPSEA organisation