Vocational Pathways

Meadow High school offers a wide range of vocational pathways to Sixth form pupils so that they can learn and develop essential employability skills for their increased independence. All these pathways are run under close supervision and guidance of our experienced staff.  Year 12-14 students participate in various Vocational Pathways 1 day a week and some of these pathways are off-site.

On-site pathways: -

Tuck shop

Tasks involved: - Setting up, cleaning and sanitising the tables, setting up equipment for the shop such as food warmer, toasties maker, induction hob and smoothie maker, preparing hot dogs (halal and normal) and cheese toasties, setting up items such as water, juices, hot drink cups, tissues and so on ready for sale, counting cash tin, selling food to the students and staff and maintaining overall good standards to hygiene.

Charity shop

Tasks involved: - Sorting out donated items, setting up the charity shop in a presentable manner, learning customer services skills such as meet and greet, assisting them and communication, visits to other charity shops for donating unwanted items, pricing and tagging items, counting till, money management and other admin jobs such as creating advert leaflets, laminating and distribution.


Students are also great at supporting our school site team by doing different jobs within school.

Tasks involved: - Distribution of items such as printing paper, paper towel, anti-bacterial wipe, blue tissue roll, facial tissues all around the school, provide support in various cleaning tasks such as window cleaning, littering picking after lunch, inspection of the playgrounds and report any damages and complete any other tasks as requested by the site team.


Every Thursdays, students prepare fresh food for the school staff as part of their Catering Assistant pathway.

Tasks involved:- buying ingredients from the local supermarket, preparation of the meal as per the recipe such as washing, cutting, chopping, peeling, follow the recipe and instructions, time management - Prepare meal by given time, packing cooked meal into containers and  ready for collection, delivering food to the designated staffroom, tidy up the kitchen and maintain high level of food hygiene.


Tasks involved:- Carrying out detailed stock count of tuck shop and stationery cupboard, Budgeting - calculating total expense and sales from the shopping and sales receipts, creating spreadsheets, learning to do emails including attachments, CC, BCC and General office/admin tasks such as laminating, printing, scanning

Arts and crafts:

Students produce small crafty items during these sessions which could be sold in the school charity shop or in event sales such as Christmas, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day and so on.


Students run a hair salon for the school staff and students.

Tasks involved:- Setting up the salon for customers, making appointments, meet and greet customers, money handling, assisting the hairdresser instructor (Teacher), tidying up the hair salon and equipment and following  health and safety rules.

Vehicle cleaning:

Students carry out general cleaning of the school vehicles (mini-buses and 7-seater cars) from inside with the staff full support. 

General cleaning (kitchen/staffroom/student common room):- Students also carry out general cleaning tasks in the various areas to build their practical skills and independence.

Off-site pathways

Iver Environmental centre, Uxbridge and Rural Garden Centre, Stockely

Tasks involved:- General maintenance of grounds and site, sowing seeds according to the weather, maintaining and watering the plants, following health and safety rules and learning to use different gardening tools

Foodbank, Uxbridge

Tasks involved:- Putting dates on the food, segregating food items into the correct creates, storing food according to the month and year, providing general assistance in the warehouse, loading and unloading food donations and packing up food bags for donations.

Heathrow special needs farm, West Drayton:

On a weekly basis, our students support farm staff in general maintenance of their site and looking after animals.

Align (HS2):

Our students are having a great opportunity to learn new skills and complete work experience  in various departments such as cafe, canteen, warehouse, SnoozeBox (overnight accommodation) at one the HS2 construction site in Rickmansworth. Students carry out tasks under close supervision and guidance of the school staff and qualified Align s