Vision & Aims


We will provide a safe, challenging and stimulating environment for pupils in our school. We will help those pupils become confident young adults, maximising their abilities and developing their skills to allow them to be happy and contribute to society in their ‘Life Beyond Meadow’.


Our Aim is that all children and young people at Meadow High School are entitled to an appropriate education, one that meets their needs, promotes high standards and the fulfilment of potential.

We promise to:

  • have high aspirations and expectations for all our pupils
  • ensure that individuals achieve their personal best
  • encourage independence, life skills, self-confidence and positive self esteem
  • help our pupils to become confident individuals living fulfilling lives
  • support our pupils to make a successful transition into adulthood, be this employment, further education or training
  • have an inclusive community, which values truth, diversity and mutual respect
  • have effective communication with all parents/carers and other partners
  • recognise, celebrate and record the achievements of all


British Values

At Meadow High School our ethos, vision and aims are underpinned by British Values.  These are encouraged and taught across the school and particularly in PSHE and RS.

The Rule of Law

  • Democracy
  • Individual liberty
  • Mutual respect for and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs and for those without faith
  • We treat everybody equally
  • We understand right from wrong
  • We understand the consequences of our actions
  • We listen to and respect other people's opinions and values
  • We try to help people
  • We know that we are all special
  • We understand and respect the roles of people who may help  us
  • We respect the culture and beliefs of others