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Fully Refurbished and Open for Business!
June 2023

Mission accomplished – with a little help from our Friends (of Meadow) and support from our governors!  On behalf of our students, I would like to extend our grateful thanks to all who helped make it possible for us to have this amazing new library. 

We will be having an official grand opening in the Autumn term, but for now we are just enjoying this beautiful space.  It is hard to believe how far we have come since this time last year, and we definitely could not have achieved this without the help of the whole Meadow High School team; students, staff and our wonderful parents and carers.  Please follow this link to have a virtual guided tour!

Watch the video tour of our brand new Library on Meadow High School Hello Youtube channel or click here:





In 2009 an exciting new addition to the school was a brand new Library, our Librarian was appointed the following year and since then the Library has been continually evolving, with more and more exciting and informative new books being added on an annual basis.  The installation of a computer Library system enables pupils and staff to identify books online, and for the Librarian to keep a computerised and accurate record of all resources on loan to students and staff. 



Since the Library officially opened in 2010, over 12,000 books and resources have been catalogued onto the system, and this will continue in the future.  The Librarian is regularly approached with kind donations of good quality books from staff, or from past students, who no longer have a use for them, these donations are always very welcome.


As you will appreciate, new books are expensive, and the Librarian keeps track to ensure books are being returned on time. If book(s) are not returned or are lost, a letter will be sent home asking for payment towards a replacement.  Unfortunately, there is no alternative but to implement this course of action, and pupils who fail to return/or lose their Library books, will not be able to use the Library facilities.

In addition to books and resources, there is a designated computer area within the Library housing 8 computers.  These can be booked out by staff for Library based lessons, incorporating the use of books and internet to research particular topics which has proved a very successful addition to the Library space, and is extremely popular.  Students are also able to use the Library during break and lunchtime, including the computers which are monitored at all times by our Librarian.

The Library is a bright, open and pleasant space for both staff and students, as the hub of the school it is used for various events throughout the year.  In 2016 it was transformed into the 'Meadow Museum' to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Meadow High School, and was visited by both the Mayor and Mr Boris Johnson along with many other invited guests. Our annual 'World Book Day' celebrations are also centred around the Library, with visits from outside agencies, such as the Police, Ambulance Service etc. who give talks to our students and encourage them to interact with different activities, dress up, and have fun.

The Scholastic Book Club which is managed by the Librarian on a termly basis, provides all students with a catalogue showing the latest books and resources at bargain prices, when your child brings this home, please take the time to look at the offers available. The more orders received ensures our Librarian is able to choose several books for our Library for free, benefiting all our students.

Our Librarian encourages the students to spend time choosing books, reading in comfort on beanbags in the 'Reading Corner' and enjoying the independence of exploring the books, she is always on hand to help students make the right choice of book.  Many classes have designated 'slots' during the week where they bring their class to choose books and spend time in the Library.

As a continually evolving space, it has proved to be very popular with everyone in the school, and will continue to grow and develop.