Skittles Club


Skittles Club

We are pleased to reintroduce our new “skittles''club for members of the LGBT+ community and allies. This will be running on select afternoons by staff members. This is a non-curriculum club with no discussion around sexuality or RSE.

It is set up as a community club so that students feel they belong. Research shows that belonging to communities improves mental health and wellbeing. Members of the LGBT+ community as well as allies can attend and take part in activities such as making cookies, creating art work and working on inclusion projects.

Agenda and minutes will be added to the Pupil Voice section of this website (on this page below)

Staff members are invited to support either as a member of the LGBT+ community or an ally.  If anyone requires any further information please contact Carol Mitchell or Michelle Taylor.

Thank-you 🌈

Miss M Taylor
Assistant Head - Sixth Form





Skittles Agenda


Present:  CM  J  P  S  A  K

1. Posters and initiations have been completed

2. Group discussed ways to share invitations each week. It was agreed every person would have a few to personally hand out.

3. Sami raised that most students do not know all of the LBGTQ+ terminology. They would like to introduce these terms in a fun way. They have suggested attaching a name to an animal and including the relevant flag.

This will be decided next week.

4. Sami suggested making a play list of appropriate song and will present this next week.

5. Agree date and planned  activity for next session. Animal?


PDF - Agenda - 17 March 2022


Meeting on Wednesday 9th March at 2.15pm in Room 21

1. Welcome back to all previous members - reminder of what group is for - members of the LGBT+ community and their allies

2. Election of student leader for group.

          - Student was elected (6AP)

3. Ways to inform others of group meetings + time and place

          - invitations and posters

4. Volunteers to design and make individual invitations for next week

          - specific students nominated to complete

5. Volunteers to make publicity posters for sixth form and new building

          - specific students nominated to complete

6. AOB - Toilets were raised in new build, re unisex toilets.

          - Group would like to add this to the agenda for discussion next week.


PDF:   Agenda/Minutes of the Meeting on Wednesday 9 March.