Sixth Form Art / GCSE Project Work - Week 8



Nature Project

Week 8

LO: Adding colour to black and white images (manipulating tonal images).

Week 8-6th Form Art/GCSE-Adding colour to black and white images-Many photographers like to use black and white photography then they add bright colour using Photoshop to make parts stand out. Find pictures in newspapers related to nature or use these ones. Use colour over the top using Crayons/Biro or paint to add bright colours to parts of the picture.

 Extension: can you take a photo in black and white and use a drawing app to change it?


Week 8-6th Form Art/GCSE-Manipulating  tonal images-Now draw some of these pictures in black and shades of grey pencil and then add bright colours over the top to make parts stand out. Make sure you leave some areas black and grey to make contrast. Try Biro, Paint or pen over the top. You can even use Tipex!