Sixth Form Art / GCSE Project Work - Week 7

Nature Project

Week 7

LO: Developing base layer colours in painting or drawing for 3D effects.

Week 7-6th Form Art/GCSE-Developing base layer colours in painting or drawing for 3D effects


Step1 Lightly draw the apple shape.



Step 2 Colour or paint Light green/yellow a the top of the apple



Step 3 Add darker Colours like purple and blue and darker tones for the shadow effects (remember to add shadow to the table part  under the apple).



Step 4  Once the light green/yellow is dry work over with shades of red (remember to leave patches of the green to show light and patches of the purple/dark tones to show shadow).



Week 7-6th Form Art/GCSE-Artist’s develop base colours under their drawings to make them look more real and 3D. The base colour of the orange is yellow then they have worked orange on top of the yellow so the orange looks more real and 3D.

Do 2x A4 observational drawings and paintings from these images experimenting with base colours and top colours over the top.(The base colour for the strawberries and apples is also yellow, but the pot/vase base colour is a creamy brown).

Have a go colouring or painting a base colour first before adding the final colours for 2 of these still life drawings