Sixth Form Art / GCSE Project Work - Week 6


Nature Project

Week 6

LO: Experimenting with Colour effects, paint and material techniques!

Week 6-6th Form Art/GCSE-Artists use ‘Experimental painting or colouring techniques’ to add effects in their work. Look at the pictures or the clips tutorials to give you ideas. Create 3 -4 experimentations using paint or pencil colour effects, you can even try candle rubbing wax or other materials onto your work before painting and see what happens.

Experimental Painting flowers

Painting a Dandelion

Week 6-6th Form Art/GCSE-Make 2 xA3 Experimental pieces using more than one material. on A3 Paper combine ideas from your imagination, you could copy these pictures or even better use ideas from your project research. Here are ideas for materials you could use:

a) New paper/black pen and colour pencil

b) Black pen, rub on wax from a candle and paint c) Take a photo of nature then use a drawing app to change the picture colours- don’t forget to print the picture.