Sixth Form Art / GCSE Project Work - Week 5

Nature Project
Week 5 

LO: Describing Colour and Pattern!

W5 GCSE-Observing Colour and Pattern in Nature

Many Artists use nature as inspiration for pattern and colour in their work.  Look at this work by Lucy Arnold can you see how she has combined colours and patterns from nature to create her own designs. 


Research the work of Lucy Arnold

Look at the pictures and write descriptive words about the style of her work, try to describe the shades of colours, the patterns and shapes.

Why not describe a bug and see if your friend can guess the one you are describing

 i.e. Bug- Yellow, golden, crimson, green.

or try a sentence- Lucy’s parrot is bold and striking. The light blue and green blend well and the black and white pattern make the eye stand out.




Lucy Arnold


To become familiar with the work of Lucy Arnold do your own copies of it.   Then have a go doing your own design inspired by pattern and colour in nature. You could even try and find some bugs outside and take a photo to work from!

Draw 2x A4 Quick Sketch of Lucy Arnold’s work 1x A3 Experimental Artist Piece using your own ideas

Watch the clip for more ideas



Lucy Arnold