Sixth Form Art / GCSE Project Work - Week 3


Nature Project

Week 3

LO: Artist Research in a  POP ART style!

Week 3-6th Form Art/GCSE -Project: Many artists take their inspiration from using block colour and strong lines in their drawings and paintings, this style was part of an art movement  called Pop Art.

Watch the clip on Pop ART

Look at the colours and strong shapes, we have looked at this art style before.

On A4 or A3 Paper write the title ‘POP Art -inspired by Andy Warhol’

Use a range of bright colours and strong lines  to draw some simple drawings of plants or flowers then colour them in a bright Pop Art style. Label the brightest colours on your picture and where you have used bold lines e.g. This bright red on my petal is my brightest colour!


Here are some Pop Art pieces based on Nature

1.Produce 2x A4 Quick Sketches (Artist Research) using these images on A4 paper

2. 1x A3 Experimental Artist Research drawing or painting doing your own design based on nature. Try to do it in a Pop Art style, bright colours and strong lines. You could also go and take photos of nature outside! Please send photos of  your designs, we would love to put them on the website!  Email