Sixth Form Art / GCSE Project Work - Week 10

Nature Project

Week 10

LO: Making the final Piece - Holiday work

Week 10-6th Form Art/GCSE

A2 or A3 paper- Create 2 final piece designs - The final piece for this project should bring together your favourite ideas or techniques so far. You should use ideas from last week and the rest of the project

Do 2 xA3 /A2 Drawing/paintings one of these you will select as your final piece for the project.

Don’t forget you can use news paper also and other collage materials also in your work as well as pens, colour pencil, biro and paint.

These paintings might take a few weeks to finish

So you can finish them over the holiday.

Here are examples of what they might look like

More examples of possible final piece ideas. Remember to add details with a pen when paint it dry

Remember your background can also be experimental it doesn’t have to look like a real place-Think about your layout what you want at the front and the back! Things at the front should have more detail.