Sixth Form Art / GCSE Project Work - Week 1


Nature Project

Week 1

LO: Learning to research the topic Nature

6th Form Art/GCSE-  project : Many artists take their inspiration from Nature:

Create a range of trees. Use the link or pictures to help you paint a tree using cotton buds

If you don’t have paint or cotton buds Just create it in colour pencil or Crayon!  A3 Paper.



Look outside your window

On A3 paper create a study of 3-4 plants, leaves or trees you can see, or find photos using the internet.

1.Used a range of the following media: Pencil, Biro, Colour pencil, Watercolour paint

2. Label the materials you have used, write which picture you think worked the best and why?  Were the colours better? Was the drawing more accurate or detailed?