Sixth Form




Assistant Head, Sixth Form: 
Miss M Taylor



At Meadow we aim to provide a caring, stimulating, controlled environment within which our students can develop an understanding of themselves and the world in which they live.  Taking account of individual needs, we encourage students to explore learning through a variety of experiences and to acquire knowledge in order that they make informed choices and decisions, about managing their own lives and play their part as competent, confident and self-reliant adults in the wider community. 

Our ethos of preparing students best for “Life Beyond Meadow” runs throughout all lessons, communication and unstructured times and supports all of our decision making. 

In the Sixth Form we aim to extend further the students’ opportunities for inclusion and integration within the wider community.  This involves a structured, tactical approach to enable each individual to cope with the many and varied demands of adult life. The pursuance of these objectives involves the development of qualities valued by employers and society, such as self-reliance, moral responsibility, self-confidence and a healthy self-image.  We are mindful of the fact that each student is an individual who needs to work at their own pace with differing levels of support to achieve their full potential.

Our Sixth Form students range in age from 16 to 18+ and all have varying needs which are laid out in their EHCP. Students meet each morning in their tutor groups where their individual social education and basic skills needs are catered for. This includes activities such as general knowledge, reading, writing, and functional maths. It also gives students an opportunity to share any concerns or worries they have in a safe environment and form positive relationships with peers and staff. 

In addition, students are encouraged to participate in the school’s ‘Buddy System’ where they support students in years 7 and 8. Our 6th Formers provide help within the wider school community. There is also an opportunity for students to become Prefect and we have two Head Students. 


As part of enrolment to the Sixth Form either from our Year 11 main body or as new students from other schools, students will participate in a variety of activities to prepare them for and to engage them in life in the 6th Form. This will include various academic tasks together with team building activities. 

The work undertaken during this time will help staff to get to know the students and help to organise them into themed and curriculum groups for the coming academic year. Form tutors will be able to spend time with current staff in order to best support the students and ensure a smooth transition. 


The school day starts at 9.05am and students are expected to be in class at the latest by 9.10am when registration closes. 

Year 11 students that are currently eligible for transport will continue to access this. They are able to attend Breakfast Club if they wish.  

Students would remain in their tutor base with their regular form tutor and teaching assistant/s until 9.25am. 

In 6th Form lessons are taught in “double periods” eg for two periods of 45mins. Students have a double period, break, another double, lunch and finally another double period before returning to their tutor base before dismissals. Students are always permitted movement breaks and to take part in regulation activities if they find themselves feeling restless. Breaks and lunch times are supervised by 6th Form staff. 

Students will be given their timetables within the first week of September. Timetables may change during the year as students move from one module to the next, but students will be prepared for this. 




During the course of the week, various themes/groupings exist for the many activities on offer. The class tutor monitors the students’ progress and is always available to offer advice and support.

All students in 6th Form attend the statutory core lessons which are English, Maths and PSHE (including RSE). These are taught at a level appropriate to your child and are usually streamed, except for PSHE which is taught in tutor groups. Additionally, our year 12s take part in the following: 

  • Food Technology / Computing / Citizenship:(these will rotate on a termly basis taught by specialised teachers) 
  • Life Skills: being safe in the community, e-safety, home management, personal care etc 
  • Vocational Pathways: preparing for work skills eg running tuck shop, reception & admin based work, running and selling from our charity shop, teaching assisting in different lessons around the school, catering for profit, car washing etc.
  • Students also have the opportunity to practise skills offsite at the Rural Activity Garden Centre, Local community farms, and the Foodbank. These are tailored to the students’ interests. We also hope to have a fully functioning cafe in place by Christmas 2021. 
  • Enrichment & Personal Development: this will take place with the whole school on a rotational basis. Enrichment afternoon is where the students will have the opportunity to select subjects on a carousel that will aid in their personal development. Enrichment activities will offer pupils the opportunity for non-academic structure and enable them to increase their social and emotional resilience through team-work and independent learning. They will also be able to experience a range of activities that will help them develop hobbies and interests for life.
  • Options: students elect to take part in optional subjects that they have an interest in either for pleasure or as part of a career path. A wide range of options are available, please see the options booklet for more information. 


Pupils in the Sixth Form are given many opportunities to adapt their basic skills in a variety of vocational courses such as horticulture and hairdressing and in activities to develop their understanding of the world of work such as business enterprise initiatives and work experience.

Ofsted 2013



It is hoped that students in the Sixth Form will take advantage of opportunities to participate in a variety of extra-curricular activities such as:

  • Speltshorn Farm 

  • Iver Nature Centre 

  • Residential trips to our partner schools 

  • Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme: Bronze/Silver Awards

  • After school clubs

  • Sporting events

  • Trips to the theatre and cinema

  • Sixth Form and Leavers Prom

Our end of term activities includes experiences such as trips to Quasar, Thorpe Park, karaoke, Christmas lunch and bowling: Students are encouraged to organise these trips independently / small groups to extend and enhance their independence skills and for accreditation purposes.


Meadow High School is fully committed to promoting, maintaining and supporting equality of opportunity in all aspects of our work. We aim to create an environment where all individuals, irrespective of gender, personal status, ethnic origin, religious belief, sexual orientation, disability or age have the opportunity to achieve their full potential, and gain a feeling of self-esteem and respect for and from all others. 

We will not tolerate inequality and discrimination, and we welcome opportunities to understand and celebrate the diversity of our staff and students. No one faith will be promoted. Dedicated facilities are not provided for particular faith groups, but arrangements will be made to allow for essential religious observance where and when this is possible upon request. 



Students’ EHCP (Education, Health Care Plan) will remain active until the age of 25. This means that their needs will still be met and form tutors will continue to report on the outcomes at our annual review. 

Our students still have access to the MDT Team which consists of Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy and Speech and Language Therapy as well as rehabilitation assistants.

Following our “Life Beyond Meadow” ethos, we encourage the students to self-regulate by supporting them to identify their own needs in order for them to gain more independence in managing their own sensory and regulation needs. 


Students in year 14 will have the opportunity to attend different colleges in order to best prepare them for their transition onwards. These visits are supervised by members of Meadow High School 6th Form Team who know the students’ needs and can transport and support their learning. 

Our current links are with BCA and Innov8; home management and construction.


Each student will have their various curricular interests recorded within their Individual Profile which builds up a composite reference which will become comprehensive when the students complete their time at Meadow High School. These records reflect the students interests and achievements during their final two / three years of study at Meadow and will include reference to the core curriculum. 

There will be a wide variety of accreditation, ranging from in house certificates, AQA Certificates, Functional Skills and GCSEs. For some courses, there may also be accreditations awarded by City & Guilds, Btechs and WJEC. Each student's subject teacher will be able to inform you of the course of study best suitable on an individual basis.


Where we deem suitable, we will request permission from parents / carers to allow students offsite at lunchtime. This will be on an individual basis and will be in agreement with both the 6th Form and the parents / carers. Students may access the shops themselves or with peers, crossing Royal Lane and other roads in the local area. 

This privilege may be withdrawn with no notice if there are serious risks to safety, or if the student has poorly represented Meadow High School in the community. This includes returning to lessons late.


Membership to our Sixth Form at Meadow High School requires a mature attitude and a serious approach. The aim in being a member of our Sixth Form is to maximise educational experiences, take up the opportunities to make the most of a variety of experiences and to broaden life skills experience. 

Therefore students must agree to the following Entitlement Statement:

Respect yourself, your friends and your teachers 

  1. Maintain rules of the school 

  2. Set an example to the lower school 

  3. Communicate with your teachers if you have any concerns 

  4. Arrive on time to school, lessons & tutor sessions 

  5. Stick to the uniform policy 

  6. Use your regulation strategies to manage your behaviour 

  7. Make a contribution to the school community by becoming involved in community service activities eg buddies, prefects, head students 

  8. Take part in voluntary work as part of Vocational Pathways & Work Experience 

  9. Use this wonderful opportunity to develop greater independence skills that you will need for “Life after Meadow”       


We expect our 6th Form students to maintain a smart appearance at all times. Whilst students are not required to wear school uniform, we have high expectations on dress code and wish to set an example to the rest of the lower school. On one designated day each week we raise our expectation to an interview standard which will be on a Monday. We expect all students to reflect a modest and tidy appearance at all times. 

 The dress of all students should reflect that and be modest and tidy and include the following:

  • Black or Brown shoes or boots 

  • Trainers EXCEPT white 

  • Trousers including black jeans 

  • Shirt/Blouse with collar

  • Plain t-shirt or with an appropriate logo 

  • Activewear or matching tracksuit, including black leggings

  • Jumper or cardigan or blazer or hoodie 

  • Skirts and Dresses (not short or low cut) 


The following items are not acceptable in the Sixth Form:-

  • White trainers

  • Blue denim Jeans

  • Jewellery should be kept to a minimum 

  • Nails may be polished but must be no longer than 5mm 

  • Hats and caps must be removed when in the school buildings

  • High heels are not permitted 

If you fail to dress in the appropriate way, we will try to provide the appropriate clothing or you may be asked to go home and change to clothes that we expect from students in the Sixth Form. If there is a problem with this, please let your Tutor know.


Students’ personal items are their own responsibility and are not covered by our insurance, so please discourage your child from bringing non-essential items to 6th Form. Students will have a locker to store personal items which will be available for a refundable fee of £3. A letter will be sent out in the first week of September.


Meadow High School must be contacted if a student is absent, preferably before 8am.
Unauthorised absence is a serious issue and the disciplinary procedure will be applied. 

Authorised absence which must be evidenced would include:

  • Sickness / Hospital appointment
  • Funeral for immediate family member or friend
  • Transitions days for college
  • Sanctioned religious holiday (two days per year)
  • Driving test (not lessons) 

Unauthorised absence would include:

  • Holidays in term time
  • Days taken as sick without notification
  • Attendance in 6th Form but not in class


Meadow High School will challenge bullying in all its forms and take action to protect the interests of its students whenever incidents come to light. This policy applies when students are on school premises, or on community related activities on other premises. 


Meadow High School recognises its role in safeguarding the welfare of young adults. Anyone who needs to discuss any safeguarding issues should contact the school directly and ask to speak to a Designated Safeguarding Lead on 01895 443310 


Since 2013 students have voted for a Head Boy and Head Girl at the School. These two positions are voted for by the pupils and then the final decision is decided by the staff. They will have various responsibilities including representing the school at a number of events like the Celebration of Achievement Awards Evening. 

Our Sixth Form Committee is also peer voted, and have the opportunity to meet together often. Through discussion new initiatives are considered, activities are suggested for group participation and nominations are made for charities that will receive our support through a range of fundraising activities.

We believe that student voice is extremely important and encourage students to speak to members of staff within the school community on a daily basis. 


Each year the students in the Sixth Form decide on a charity to raise money for.

During previous academic years we have raised on average £500.00 for nominated charities such as: Harlington Hospice, NSPCC, Halo. Activities included a cake sale, a non-uniform day, a sponsored swim, crossbar challenge, and a bring and buy sale. 


In 6th Form we have a Pets as Therapy Dog called Jess. Jess is based in the Assistant Head Teacher’s office and spends time in various classes and therapy sessions around the school. Meadow High School supports school dogs who work with our students to improve communication; student behaviour and emotional wellbeing and regulation. Students can opt out of spending time with Jess if they desire


This is a partnership venture which prepares young people with learning difficulties / disabilities for competitive employment. The aim of the project is to provide young people between the ages of 17-25 years a one year supported internship programme.

 This will provide and benefit them with transferable skills through doing different job roles, training in employability and support into independent living skills to assist and place them at an advantage towards a successful and positive transition into adult life.

When interns graduate and move on into paid jobs, employers are offered the service of a follow-on Job Coach.  Support and assistance is provided to ensure that the intern maintains employment. Young people who take part in Project SEARCH typically have a 60% success rate of finding employment compared to around 7% if they attend college courses.  Our programme has achieved an average annual employment rate of over 80% since starting in 2016. 

Eligibility criteria

  • Be between 17 – 24 years old when starting

  • Willing to secure paid employment

  • Have an EHCP  (Education, Health and Care Plan)

  • Resident of Hillingdon Borough 

More information about DFN Project Search can be found here.

Please find below the Meadow High School Sixth Form Welcome Booklet 2021/2022: