To develop pupils' curiosity, enjoyment, skills and a growing understanding of science knowledge, through an approach in which pupils raise questions and investigate the world in which they live.


  • To deliver the Science Programmes of Study of the National Curriculum at an appropriate level.
  • To promote learning through a wide variety of teaching and learning styles.
  • To develop investigational skills through relevant practical tasks.
  • To promote positive attitudes to learning of science.

At Meadow High School, the science provision will be in line with age appropriate National Curriculum requirements. However student may study the relevant topics at the curriculum level which is most appropriate to them.

Where possible, science will reflect the current everyday experience of the pupils' lives, which we hope will make the curriculum more enjoyable.

Staff will differentiate lessons depending on the needs of the students. They will follow the Scheme Of Work and adapt it were needed to best suit the students. Adaptation will be recorded and shared to the whole Department and reviewed as part of the Department Action Plan for 2013-2014.

All students will have access to science lesson with staff taking into consideration health and safety issues when planning practical tasks.

Science, where possible, is to be taught in a practical and dynamic way using a wide range of active teaching strategies.

Students will be informed of their progress in Science through

  • Marking of their work
  • Target Setting
  • Staff feedback through discussion
  • Formal Reporting