Safeguarding/Child Protection

Dear Parent / Carer

We would like to advise you that should a child make any disclosure to our trained staff we would always seek to investigate and resolve this at the lowest possible level, but that advice may need to be sought from the London Borough of Hillingdon Social Services Department. We hope that this would only be necessary on very rare occasions. However, this would always be in the best interest of the child, under our duty of care and in line with our safeguarding guidelines. For more information please refer to our Child Protection/Safeguarding Policy on our Statutory Policies page.

We would like to reassure all parents and carers that the school will always deal with any child protection issue as a matter of the utmost priority. We also hope that any parents or carers with child protection concerns would feel able to contact the school to seek advice from our designated child protection officers.

Mrs J Rigby - Head Teacher

Concerns About The Safety or Welfare of a Pupil 

If you have a concern about the safety or welfare of a pupil, please ask to speak to a member of Meadow staff who deals with Safeguarding.  Safeguarding is sometimes called Child Protection. All staff at Meadow receive Safeguarding / Child Protection Training. 

Mrs J Rigby
Safeguarding Lead
Ms C Caddell
Deputy Headteacher
Deputy Designated
Safeguarding Lead
Ms J Richards
Assistant Headteacher
Year 9, 10 & 11
Deputy Designated
Safeguarding Lead
Contextual Safeguarding
Mr M Rainsbury
Assistant Headteacher
Year 7 & 8
Deputy Designated
Safeguarding Lead
Online Safety
Miss A Willis
Assistant Headteacher
Pathway 1
Deputy Designated
Safeguarding Lead
Domestic Abuse 
Encompass (Deputy)
Mrs A Mistry
Assistant Headteacher
Lead Practitioner for Workforce Development
Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead
Mrs A Fabisch
Deputy Assistant Headteacher 
 KS5 / Sixth Form
Careers Lead
Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead


The Named Governor for Safeguarding is Mr J Goodbody.


If you are concerned about a child's welfare you can also make a referral to Hillingdon MASH (Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub) by telephone, email or speaking to someone in person. Telephone: (01895) 556006

Families wishing to make a referral can contact the Stronger Families Hub by calling 01895 556 006 or e-mailing: