Resources and Government Guidance for Going Outside for People with Autism & Learning Disabilities

"People with learning disabilities or autism can leave the house for exercise more than once a day and can travel outside of their local area under current lockdown measures, the government has said."

Please find below a link to an article in 'The Guardian' published on 14 April 2020.

Here is the official Government Guidance:

Coronavirus: Government clarifies guidance on exercise (9 April 2020) - National Autistic Society


Government Publication - Please see section 15 for updated guidance


These cards from the National Autisic Society may be useful:


I am Autistic Card

The National Autistic Society  'I am Autistic Card'  is a great way to let people know a person is Autistic.


My health passport - National Autistic Society

My health passport has been designed to help people with autism communicate their needs. Please use the  link below for instructions on how to complete the passport. An online version is also available.