Relax or Reboot - Therapeutic style activities for Parents to try. January 2021


Download and print the Relax and Reboot document, or you can read it below.

Need to relax or reboot?

Time to engage your senses!


Therapeutic style activities for Parents/Teachers to try.

This pack contains Therapy/De-escalation activities aimed at supporting therapy and physical needs for individual students at home or as breaks in learning at school. These activities are created to either relax or stimulate a child to help them rebalance, pick the activity that you feel will help the child feel in a better state of mind.

Activities are related to some of the following:

Fine Motor skills/ Gross Motor skills/ Communication Skills/Problem Solving Skills/Therapy based -Relaxation and Mindfulness

Task should be done 1:1 with an adult

Fine motor skills

Hand control, pinch, press, twist,hand based activities

Pencil control

Follow the lines in a bright colour

Then colour me in?

Can you describe what I taste like.

Smell like?

Sound like?

Feel like?


Toilet roll tower

Get some kitchen tongs. (If you don’t have any then x2 wooden/metal spoons.

Pick up a toilet roll using your tongs.

Place it down.

Pick up another and place on top.

Build a tower or design a structure.

Take a photo!


Problem Solving skills

Working things out

Problem solving 

Oh no the water has washed all the

Colour off the umbrella!

Follow the code to get the colour back






Odd one out

Look at the pictures.

What is the odd item out?

Cross out the item that doesn’t belong.

Then colour the pictures.



Communication Skills

Talking therapy/working out how to improve communication skills for yourself
or helping someone else/working through emotions

What’s on my mind?

Sometimes writing down what we

think about really helps

Try writing down your thoughts with

an adult

They can do it too

Then you can discuss each other’s worries

Maybe you have something in common?


How to feel better

Sometimes we feel down!

That is normal

Our inner voice can say lots of negative words

Can you think of positive things you are grateful for

Write them down on the flower petals

Be brave say them out loud !

Now repeat them in your head

Colour in the petals to show your feelings

Therapeutic activities

Mindfulness/Mandala, colouring/painting etc...

A way to relax

Sometimes when I am worried

I like to colour

This helps me relax

Music also helps me

Can you follow the number code

to colour me in ?


Breathing exercises

Start anywhere on the star.

Trace from point to point with your finger and breathe in and out.

Keep going until you’ve gone around the whole star.

Colour in the star when finished!