Pupils Cycling To Meadow School Policy


Only pupils who are independent travellers will be considered.

We reserve the right to refuse permission for a pupil to bring a bike into school if we feel it would be unsafe for them to do so. We would then work with you and your child to see what can be put in place to make cycling to school a safe option.

If you would like your child to cycle to school we advise that they must wear a helmet and should wear a high visibility jacket. If travelling in poor light, the bike must have working front and rear lights. We also strongly advise that they complete a cycling proficiency course.

Please be aware that the roads approaching Meadow High School are extremely busy. We are on several bus routes and near the main Hillingdon ambulance station.

We reserve the right to stop a pupil from riding home if they are improperly equipped or their bike is unsafe.   In this instance we would call parents to collect their child and bike or to bring in the necessary equipment.

We also reserve the right to report any dangerous cycling to our Safer Schools Police Officer.

We reserve the right to withdraw permission to bring a bike into school if a pupil is persistently ill equipped or riding dangerously.

We have a bike shed where bikes can be left but this is not secure, so your child should provide their own lock and chain. We cannot take any responsibility for any loss or damage that occurs to your child’s bike whilst on the premises.

Please sign and return the attached form and keep this sheet for your records. (forms below).