Pink RWI Story and Activities - Baboons


RWI - Pink Story



1.   Watch the following videos and follow along, saying the speed sounds set 1 in video one and set 2 in video 2.


2.   Read the green words using finger spelling:

soon          zoo           too           room         baboon              roots        sh oots        sleep         high          daylight            live


Read in Syllables:

in ‘ fant                   infant         

a‘ dult                 adult                              

Af ‘ ri ‘ ca              Africa                          

an ‘ i ‘ mal               animal                          

hun ‘ dred              hundred



3.   Read the red words – Remember, these cannot be sounded out and must be learned on sight.

     You              too           small         the           they         of             monkey


4.   Read the story:


Do you know what a baboon is? Have you ever seen a baboon in a zoo? This book will tell you all about baboons – where they are from, what they like to eat and much more!



A baboon is a big monkey from Africa.    


Baboons live in troops (big gangs). You may see hundreds of baboons in a troop.


An infant baboon with sit on its mum’s  back.

Baboons feed in daylight. They feed on, seeds, roots, shoots and small animals. They feed on crops too.





Baboons sleep high up in the tree tops.


Adult baboons groom to get rid of insects. As the adults groom, the infants play.


Baboons will soon get stressed in a zoo.


They need lots of room to play!



5.   Questions to talk about.

Discuss these questions with a partner. You can write the answers down if you like.

Where do baboons come from?

What sort of groups do baboons live in?

What do baboons eat?

Why do you think baboons sleep in the tree tops?

Why do you think baboons might get stressed in a zoo?


Extension task:

Can you create a fact sheet either on a piece of paper or on the computer, about baboons?

Make sure you include:

A title

Some pictures

Fun and interesting facts

Lots of colour!