NoBiz Dance Workshop - 11 May 2018

Last Friday, 11th May 2018, selected Dance students were able to take part in a one-off dance workshop here at Meadow. For students who have picked Dance as a subject option, this was a great opportunity to collate evidence towards their coursework, learn from a new practitioner and most importantly have fun!

All students were incredibly well behaved for our guests Lisa and Giselle from NoBiz dance school and were able to name and demonstrate loads of key dance terms/moves. Students got to take part in learning a street routine, musical theatre piece and take part in dance games. Overall the workshop was hugely successful and got students to work with others from different year groups and build on their confidence. Some of the senior students being an amazing support as usual to our younger students and representing the Performing Arts at it's best! We look forward to holding some more workshops in the near future, especially for those who were not able to be selected this time. Keep up the amazing work dancers!!!


I enjoyed the structure of the workshop. Lisa and Giselle was very nice and made it fun for everyone despite their needs. I feel like this experience will help me understand how to adapt to other dance classes outside of school, which is what Miss Kalia has been working on with me this year. Thank you!   - Ellen (Sixth Form)


I loved it! We got work in pairs and rehearse some musical theater songs from Wiked! It was fun to sing and dance! - Morgan (Sixth Form)


I enjoyed learning the street dance it was cool!  (Simi - Sixth Form)


I learnt some great new dance techniques!  (Bryony - Sixth Form)


They taught us some fun games and showed us a cool street routine, I liked the way they taught it to us and it was fun with Miss Kalia  (Jack - )

Miss Kalia—Dance & Drama Lead