Music for Pathway 2-4 Pupils

For information on Music for Pathway 1 see Pathway 1 Curriculum.


In Music we encourage pupils to develop their ability to perform, experiment and enjoy the soothing, therapeutic and interactive nature of music.  Many of our pupils are highly sensitive to noise and music is a brilliant springboard for helping pupils become more accustomed to unfamiliar sounds.   We develop pupils’ ability to hold and play instruments, experiment with voice and develop composition and notation skills.

We consider the pupils' physical needs as well as their academic knowledge needs and look at ways in improving pupils' coordination and passion through the playing of instruments. This is especially the case for pupils with dyspraxia who benefit hugely from workshops and pupils with speech and language difficulties are encouraged to participate in Signing Choir Club.

PSHCE topics are also a focus for music lessons especially when it comes to learning about other cultures and developing team working skills in performance.  Literacy, computing, using ipads and numeracy are also widely encouraged.  Numeracy and literacy are key to developing composition and notation skills and computing is used often in the recording and evaluation of performance as well as using Apps to explore depth in learning.  The focus for music is currently being developed by the music teacher with input from external agencies and pupil voice as key contributors to developing music programs of study which have wider use and application  for pupils once they leave Meadow.

Please see the Curriculum Matrix for more details of what your child will be studying:

In Key Stage 3

In Key stage 3 pupils are taught following the National Curriculum.  They are introduced to different types of music and develop a basic understanding of application of voice and playing instruments such as Keyboard, Ukulele, Djembe drums and percussion with an introduction to symbol notation.  They learn to develop their keyboard skills, and ability to understand basic notation.  Pupils learn to develop a passion for music through group and individual performance and learn about types of performance and music genres from around the world.

In Key Stage 4

Pupils in Key Stage 4 follow a broad spectrum of music which is designed to inspire enriched understanding of the subject. Where applicable students study AQA  Entry Level music accreditation. However more emphasis is now put on developing the use of technology in music and allowing pupils to explore their personal, individual interests and passion for the subject. This flexible course allows pupils to perform and compose music that they are interested in at a variety of levels. Music is taught in a mixed ability group for 1.5 hours each week, so pupils are also set independent work as well as being taught in a group or having one to one support time with the teachers or a teaching assistant.

All music pupils are encouraged to participate in extracurricular clubs, the school annual music concert and School Signing Choir


Miss C Kepinska - Faculty Lead, Arts