Moving On

Moving On 

Students in year 14 learn about Moving on to increase their understanding of the different options available to them when they leave school. The intention is for our pupils to become more confident and prepared for life after school as they gain the knowledge and skills required to make informed choices about their life. 

The subject aim is to help the students become as independent as possible when looking after themselves, their home and make informed choices about their life and know how and where to seek support when required. 


  • to gain awareness of different work related and educational options available after 6th Form and become aware of health related options and processes related to health care.

  • to become aware of activities and challenges in their everyday life and learn about different housing options, cost/responsibilities and benefits with relation to accommodation.

  •  to learn about banking and its risks/safety and how to make the most of their money. They will explore and become more aware of various leisure options available to them.