Motown Magic - July 2019

Last week, 1-5 July 2019, pupils, parents and staff enjoyed watching another fantastic Annual Summer Production, ‘Motown Magic’.  

This year’s production has been created by a team of our students from years 10, 11 and 6th form, with Mrs Sappal and team.  Students came together and felt they needed to move away from heavy scripted scenes and wanted this year's show to be a showcase around a key era with a focus on disco dance and music. 

This original script focuses on key signature dance crazes and is taken through time by a radio presenter, Kevin 'the mic' Bob who works at Motown Magic FM.  Many star guests come along to perform such as The Supremes, Jackson 5 and Michael Jackson. Each scene changes to a new decade as a pesky protester hits the magic record and jumps through time, showing some key similarities to then and now as Destiny's Child and Jersey Boys take the stage.

Students got to make the audience jump through their spooky Thriller routine and there were some key equality messages delivered from angry protesters fighting for human rights. Kevin jumps too far and ends up into the future, where the classics are still played and gets everyone to their feet!

Along with the support of Dance Club, Production Club pupils have written the script and created their own dance routines.

Much like last year, students have the opportunity to be a part of the backstage art crew working on set design, props and costumes. This year the backstage crew wanted to be part of helping on all performances. They developed their team work skills and were able to work on handing out props to character on cues, changing scenery, working the backdrop PowerPoint, taking photos and even gave encouragement standing at the back of the hall to help some of our more nervous performers.

Students have had a range of opportunities to work on fine gross motor skills, painting, making sculptures, writing poetry, using media/ICT and still be a part of the whole production team.

Well done everyone—great job!   Thank you to all the staff, parents and helpers who supported the Summer Production this year.  More photos, information, feedback and the script will be on the website very soon !

Mrs M Kalia-Sappal—Dance Lead

The Script

Please find a copy of the script attached to the bottom of this page.

The Cast






Hair, Makeup & Costumes

The Shows






Really enjoyable to watch all the students enjoying themselves and putting on a really fun and upbeat show with interesting historical references.     
Naomi from Collective 31

The show was amazing.  I've really enjoyed watching it.   Those people rehearsed - the show was great!  I'm looking forward to another production next year.
Daisy - Year 9

Amazing production !  Kids looked like they were having so much fun !  Well done to everyone involved !!!!   
Miss Grieve - Staff 

Fantastic show, great effort by all involved.  Looking forward to more great shows.
Mr Hare - Parent

I liked it because the music was great and the costumes.
Leah - Year 9 

It was incredible !  Very creative with the dance moves and hilarious jokes the actors  made.
Rafia - Year 7 

Brilliant show, great music, very entertaining.  Well done !
Mrs Wilkes - Staff 

I enjoyed designing the props and background of Motown Magic FM.
Alfie - Year 8 

I feel happy because I really enjoyed it.  It was really good at the show.
Stan - Sixth Form 

It was amazing. the best bit was the Supremes and Jackson 5.
Nabil - Sixth Form 

I really liked the Thriller part of the show because the dancing was good.
Leetasha - Sixth Form 

 The show was good and fun and I clapped.
Elidora - Year 11

Fantastic show!  Lots of hard work and dedication show. Congratulations all. Well done.

Mr Morgan - Staff