Life and Living Skills

Life Skills

Within the Life Skills curriculum, 6th Form students are given the opportunity to explore 6 different subject areas to further enhance their independence skills and in preparation of their future career choices.


Travel training: 

  • develop confidence in crossing roads safely and using public transport

  • gain awareness of safety when traveling on foot, bus or train.  


Personal Safety: 

  • know how to manage emergencies, 

  • understand how to keep their home safe

  • feel safe and confident when out in public and equally when at home


World of Work:

  • know how to behave in an interview situation and when in the workplace

  • acquire skills and knowledge of  interview responses and appropriate conversations when at work

  • gain skills required to work in customer service


Home Management: 

  • know how to maintain cleanness in their home

  • know  how to set up their own home, buy furniture 

  • understand how to manage household expenses



  • develop awareness of caring for babies and young children

  • understand the level of responsibility required to supervise care and what milestones to expect in child development



  • understand  what is required to support the elderly or vulnerable adults

  • know the health needs to be aware of when working with the elderly