Keeping Pupils Safe Online

Online Safety is sometimes called e-safety 

Dear Parents / Carers

Many of our students love their smartphones, gaming, social networking and using the Internet.  These technologies are wonderful innovations and can be the source of almost unlimited information.  Many of us find it almost impossible to live without them in some way or another.  If used properly these technologies both entertain us and make our lives easier.

The downside, however, is the very nature of the "unlimited information" side of the Internet therefore making it a very dangerous place if access is not managed properly.

Please find below links to websites which gives plenty of information to help you and your family avoid accessing anything which may put you or your child at risk.   

MARCH 2019

You may be aware recently there is a growing concern in the UK regarding social media and young people targets with 'games' which should not be promoted.

Online safety is embedded in our school curriculum.  This includes Computing, PSHE, assemblies and awareness weeks.

If you have any concerns regarding a young person, please get in touch with the school.

We encourage, in upsetting situations regarding social media, the following:

  • Tell an Adult
  • Don't delete messages until shared with an adult
  • Don't respond

We run workshops throughout the year regarding online safety and how to survival in a digital age.  We encourage parents to attend, even if there are no current concerns.

Thank you

Mr M Rainsbury—Assistant Headteacher


Please read an important letter (below) regarding online safety.

Useful links:

CEOP - Child Exploitation and Online Protection command

Online Safety Advice From the NSPCC

Meadow High School
Mobile Phones on Site (Pupils)



Meadow High School Student Acceptable Use Agreement for Use of Social Media and ICT

More Useful links:


Safer Internet Centre

Protect You and Your Child's Identity When You Travel

Online Safety at Home from
Think You Know

Go Compare - Useful Guide for Parents on Keeping Pupils Safe Online

CEOP (Child Exploitation and
Online Protection) has a new website which has great information for online bullying, sexting, online identities and reporting online crime etc. Please spend some time with your children looking at the various links and having a discussion about healthy online behaviour.