Welcome to the Humanities Faculty

                                             Faculty Leader: Miss E Bergin


At Meadow High School the Humanities Department includes:

  • History
  • Geography
  • Religious Studies
  • PSHE

The Humanities Department aims to promote an enjoyment of learning, where pupils are encouraged to become independent, multi-skilled learners. By studying the different subjects in Humanities we aim to encourage students to appreciate the world in which we live, to think about how the past has shaped the future, and examine their values and attitudes in today’s society.

Humanities modules are unique and original and pupils contributions are positively encouraged.  As a London school, we try to utilise special events and exhibitions whenever possible, from Remembrance Week Commemorating 100 Year Centenary, VE Day 70 Year Anniversary to Celebrating the Royal Wedding.

We maximise first hand and practical experiences using as many resources (objects, artefacts, people, places) as we can find. We borrow artefacts and books from the Hillingdon Object Loan, Hillingdon Library Service and the Museum of London.

We believe visits and visitors play an enormous role in stimulating children's learning and encourage practical lessons wherever possible. We try to incorporate a range of trips to further support the learning outside the classroom

We aim to bring the topics we teach within Humanities to life so that it is an enjoyable learning experience for all.