Family Life

Some useful tips and links for families of pupils at Meadow High School.

CEA Card  

One of our Sixth Form pupils and his family have been able to access the cinema more frequently and have found this scheme very useful.

The Card enables a disabled cinema guest to receive a complimentary ticket for someone to go with them when they visit a participating cinema.

The Card is developed by UKCA’s Disability Working Group, whose members include film exhibitors and distributors, and national disability charities such as Action on Hearing Loss, the RNIB, Dimensions and Muscular Dystrophy UK.

More information about this scheme can be found at


Disability Grants 

Disability Grants

We have been made aware of a website, where you can access grants and funding all in one place:

Please use the website if you wish to sign up for the free newsletter, which is published monthly and contains new additions to the Disability Grants website and other useful information for anyone living with a disability or caring for a disabled person or child.


Blue Badge Parking Permit 

September 2019

The rules on eligibility for a Blue Badge parking permit have recently changed to include less visible disabilities such as autism and mental heath conditions.  If you would like to check whether someone in your family is now eligible for a Blue Badge parking permit please visit    Applications for a blue badge should be made through the

local authority.   For Hillingdon residents visit



Autism Alert Card

An autism alert card and passport scheme has been introduced across London, as a result of a collaboration between the Metropolitan Police Service, City of London Police and British Transport Police. It has been developed following extensive consultations with individuals with autism and their parents, the National Autistic Society, Autism Partnership Boards, and supported by the National Police Autism Association.

The cards will alert officers to the fact that the individual may have difficulty with communication and exhibit unusual or unpredictable behaviour. In turn, officers will be able to make appropriate and reasonable adjustments and interact with the individual appropriately.  The larger passports will include the same information and can be carried in bags or rucksacks for the individual to produce when required.

For further reading, please use this link:

To receive your own card & passport, please send your full postal address in an email to:

Meadow High School may contact some of our families to offer support with applying for one of these cards.