Extended Learning At Home

Extended Learning at Home: 
Useful Literacy Activities

We are all aware that Home Learning can sometimes become challenging as your child becomes a teenager - I remember these years well...  We therefore want to ensure that Home Learning is something that is  meaningful and a good use of time at home for all - parents and pupils!  At Meadow High School, our vision is to help our pupils become confident young adults, maximising their abilities and developing their skills to allow them to be happy and contribute to society in their ‘life beyond Meadow’.   To this end, we aim to encourage independence, development of life skills, confidence and positive self-esteem. 

The list of literacy tasks has been carefully curated to support this vision; they are designed to be completed at home and include practical tasks to develop independent life skills as well as address all three areas of English with a focus on social communication skills. The tasks relate to your child’s programme of study and examination skills required.

We all know that the best learning is achieved through the quality of the experience with engagement at the heart of this process.  The most beneficial way to achieve this is through involving your child in the learning process, focusing on developing their metacognitive skills i.e. critical thinking skills. These are the skills that will best support your child to be successful in education but also in life-long learning.  

Please see the attachment below:  Extended Learning Literacy Skills List

If you need help with how approach any of the tasks, your child's class team will be very happy to help.

Anne Sugden
English Faculty Leader