Meadow High School’s Aim for Enrichment:

  • Help students gain exposure to new subjects and disciplines
  • Allow Meadow High School and our students to identify talents and areas of interests
  • Help to reduce pupil anxiety
  • Increase pupil's social skills
  • Allows pupils to gain experiences in areas previously not exposed to
  • Empower students to use their pupil's voice
  • Help build relationships between staff and pupils.

Enrichment Offer Developments from September 2023

Taking on board the feedback from last year, Enrichment will now be delivered in Keystages.  To avoid upset, Enrichment offers such as ‘Cooking for Pleasure’, Golf and Swimming will operate on a termly rotation, allowing all the opportunity over the year for everyone to take part.

Enrichment offer for Autumn 2023:

Pathway One

Art through the Seasons - Mr Parker

Fitness - Mr Anstee

Environmental Studies - Mrs Sewell

Pop Choir - Ms Robinson

Park Walks - Mrs Majidi

Practical Life Skills - Ms Barratt + Intervention Team

Painting Skill Development - Mrs Evans

The Arts - Mrs Merabti

Years 7 and 8

Canvas Painting - Mrs Mistry

Park Walks - Ms Sojka

Environmental Studies - Ms Krupinska

Media Studies - Mrs Ali

Charity Project(s) - Mrs Musk

Board Game and Social Skills - Mr Baker + Ms McGee

Culture Studies - Ms Kaminska

Reading Club - Mrs Mansoor

Years 9,10 and 11

Mindfulness - Mrs Shukla

Gym - Mr Cyrus and Mr McAlernon

Mosaics - Ms Ahmed

Practical Crafts - Mr Cowley

Music - Mr Ellis

Community Impact - Mrs Daniel’s

Dance - Ms Kalia

Reading Club - Mrs Sugden

Dungeon and Dragons - Mrs Rottman

Sixth Form

Mosaics - Mrs Porter

Gold - Mr Mangat

Fitness - Mrs Lazarevic

Nature Studies - Mrs Mandalia

Hairdressing - Ms Lennon

Reading Club - Mrs Tudor

Cooking for Pleasure - Mr Millard

Mindfulness - Ms Khan.