Meadow High School
Royal Lane

Telephone: 01895 443310
Pupil Attendance:

School Reception

    When you call the school, the phone will usually be answered by a member of our Reception Team:

    Mrs C Wilkes,  Miss L Buckle, Mrs J McDonagh, Miss N Williams

Reception Opening Times (during term time)

Monday-Thursday 8.00am-4.15pm
Friday - 8.00am - 4.00pm on

Safeguarding Contact Information

Worried about a child out of school hours ?    Click here to visit our Out of Hours Safeguarding Contact Information.

Need to talk to someone about a child safeguarding concern ?    Our Safeguarding / Child Protection page provides information on who to speak to at school.  

General Contact Information 

Chair of Governors: Mr R Burton   c/o Meadow High School

Headteacher:  Mrs J Rigby
Deputy Headteacher, Pathway 2 & 3 : Ms C Caddell 
Deputy Headteacher, Pathway 1:  Miss A Willis
Assistant Headteacher, Pathway 1: Miss F Bonnar
Assistant Headteacher. Year 7 & 8: Mr M Rainsbury
Assistant Headteacher, Year 9, 10 & 11: Miss J Richards
Assistant Headteacher, Year 12. 13 & 14 (Sixth Form/KS5):  Miss A Fabisch
Assistant Headteacher, Workforce Development:  Mrs A Mistry
PA / Office Manager:  Mrs M Manning