Collective 31 Workshop - July 2018

We held a successful workshop at Meadow on Wednesday 11 July, with Contemporary dance company Collective 31, who gave a dance workshop to our dance leaders. They were hugely impressed with the talent and dedication of the students and loved teaching them motifs from their own show 'Snow White: A new contemporary'.

The dancers enjoyed the end of term workshop as a reward for their dedication and hard work for
completing their course and their own Summer production West End High. They will be missed and wished all the best of luck in their exciting new courses. Keep dancing you stars!  More photos on the School Website.

Students took part in a contemporary and ballet warm up with a range of exercises to prepare them for learning their choreography. They discussed the different personalities of the 7 dwarfs and each took on the characteristics to display through their movement. They then went onto rehearsing and
performing their sets to each other and all presented high quality of technique. They even wanted to use the opportunity to show off performances from West End High and really impressed the teachers. 

Miss Kalia—Dance Lead