Catering Option:   One of the options our pupils can choose in 6th form is Catering.

Those interested should present a reasonable level of cooking skills and be working at Entry Level 3.


The key learning intention is to provide learning opportunities that reflect the catering/working environment as much as possible and enable the learners to raise their awareness of the working world and understand job roles within the catering and hospitality industry as well as develop their cooking and customer service skills. Alongside practical skills, learners should work towards their Food Hygiene and Safety Certificate at Level 1or 2.

Knowledge and Skills learners will enquire during the course:

  • Understanding of food hygiene and health and safety in catering.
  • Basic understanding of catering terminology.
  • Understanding of various cooking methods and the use of catering equipment.
  • Identification of catering and hospitality establishments and their key features.
  • Understanding of different service styles in catering.
  • Identification of Food and Beverage service staff and types of services offered.
  • Ability to assist in preparation of simple meals and  follow the hygiene and health and safety rules.
  • Ability to follow simple recipes with understanding of various cooking terms.
  • Ability to use various cooking methods and demonstrate the  use of catering equipment safely.
  • Ability to assist in serving customers.