COVID Catch Up Premium Planning

COVID-19 catch-up premium planning 



Total number of pupils:


Amount of catch-up premium received per pupil:


Total catch-up premium budget:






Meadow High School's priority when spending the Catch-up funding is to meet the individual needs of pupils, ensuring that gaps in progress, be they academic, social and emotional or related to the outcomes identified in the pupils' EHCP are addressed and overcome.

The school has also identified these key priorities:

  • Ensuring great teaching

  • Support with remote learning

  • Literacy and numeracy catch up

  • Access to ICT

  • Remove barriers to attendance 

  • Emotional regulation and resilience

  • Independence skills

  • Communication 

  • Movement and mobility

  • Social interaction

  • Community based learning

  • Support for families


Planned provision / expenditure for current academic year

Quality of teaching for all


Intended outcome and success criteria

Implementation and timescales?

Staff lead

When will you review this?

Time allocated for teachers to review PLIMS 

The Personalised Learning Intention Map for each pupil will have been amended to reflect any changes in pupils' circumstances and learning needs ensuring that all staff are aware of new outcomes.

Form Tutors

March 8th to 19th

Deputy Head

with Asst Heads

22nd March

Time allocated to allow re-baselining of pupils 

There will be up to date information on pupils literacy and numeracy which will ensure that teachers are able to plan effectively to address any regression and/or gaps in knowledge and skills.


Complete Set SENT-R, SENT-R Form A (Pupil Booklets (Pack of 10) £1282

Form Tutors

March 8th to 19th

Faculty Leads

22nd March

Supply TA to collate and deliver printed workpacks half a term

Pupils requiring printed work packs will have an appropriate level pack, printed at the correct size supported by any additional resources delivered to the home.

January to March 8th 21

March 21 for shielding pupils

Faculty Leads

End March 21

3 supply TAs to cover existing TAs

TAs will be available to support groups or individuals with targeted support and/or interventions.

January 21 to Dec 21

Deputy head

Nov 21

Additional ITT teacher 

An additional teacher will create capacity in the timetable and allow the creation of smaller maths and english classes and the freeing up of time for other teachers to run intervention groups.

April 21 

Asst Head workforce development

April 22

Purchase BKSB for KS5 pupils

To allow baselining of pupils and individualised targeted catch up work that is compatible and understood by local college 

March 21

Maths Faculty Lead

July 21

An additional supply rehab assistant 

To support additional interventions for pupils, particularly those related to regulation and mental wellbeing 

Jan 21 to Mar 21


Apr 21

Purchase of Clicker 8 and Clicker Writer

To support development of core literacy skills.  Clicker One School site licence (3 year subscription) would include Clicker@home which provides access for all pupils and staff to Clicker 8 on Windows/Mac computers and Clicker Writer on iPads/Chromebooks. 

Staff training to be arranged in the Summer term ‘21

Cost: £2,700.00 excluding VAT  

Cost: £300.00 -  90 minutes bespoke online training for staff

Cost: £t.b.c. - range of appropriate computer ‘mouse’ to meet the needs of individual pupils

Cost: £t.b.c. - headphones with microphones so that key Clicker features can be accessed

March 21

English & Communication Faculty Leader

Autumn term ‘21

New Group Reading Test

To allow baselining of pupils and individualised targeted catch up work.

Students who were identified as having lost skills when baselining took place in Autumn ‘20 to be tested in March; all other students as part of our annual testing in June ‘21.  

Cost: £1,400.00   approx. 

Cost: 2 days moderation for FL + RI Manager 

Cost: Identifying and training 3 additional TAs to support 3 RI teachers [Training to take place during the Summer term ready for wider RI starting Autumn ‘21.]

March ‘21 

June ‘21


English & Communication Faculty Leader and Reading Intervention & ESL Manager

June ‘21

Autumn ‘21 for students identified as needing additional support.

Engaging and appropriate Reading materials to support Reading Intervention

Expansion of Rapid Readers scheme [appropriate and engaging fiction and non-fiction texts for SEN and ESL learners].

Purchase of an online subscription to provide access to a wide range of resources including 224 ebooks, read to me click prompt, comprehension, fluency and vocabulary activities. Pupil Profiles and RAG score available.

Cost: £5,500.00

Cost: £540.00 excluding VAT [large school subscription]


Additional Reading Scheme for KS5 - t.b.c. 

Cost: t.b.c. [likely to be similar to Rapid Readers]

Summer ‘21

English & Communication Faculty Leader and Reading Intervention & ESL Manage

Termly [on-going]

Engagement in Literacy

Drama group visits: To provide experiences to support engagement in literacy and build communication skills.

Drama Hut - Year 7, Year 8 and Year 9 [Summer and Autumn term session - preferably in school though online available if needed.]  Year 10 and 11 [Autumn term]: 6th Form [Summer term].

Booster Cushion Theatre: Pathway 2 [and 1] KS3 - KS5

Cost: £2,500.00 approx.

Summer ‘21

Autumn ‘21

English & Communication Faculty Leader and Reading Intervention & ESL Manage


Autumn ‘21

Integrated OT Handwriting Programme

To support students to build necessary muscle strength and skills.  Programme currently being developed with MHS Therapies team

Cost: Staff training

Cost: Therapies Staff Team time 

Summer ‘21 

phased roll out from Autumn ‘21

Therapies Team English & Communication Faculty Leader

Termly [on-going]

Total budgeted cost:


Targeted support


Intended outcome and success criteria

Implementation and timescales?

Staff lead

When will you review this?

Maths Faculty Lead KIT days and one term overlap

To allow planning, resourcing and one term of cover to allow baselining and interventions

March 21 to July 21


July 21

Springboard West teacher

To support an individual pupil with English and Maths exam catch up

Sept 20 to March 21


Apr 21

Additional therapy resources to replace shared resources

Pupils will have access to all the equipment they previously shared with others

March 20 to July 21

SALT / physio / OT / English FL

July 21

Specialised PPA for therapy staff

Fitting and training on the use of specialised PPA which will allow staff to deliver face to face therapy sessions 

April 20


May 20

Numeracy interventions / resources



Maths FAculty Leads


Literacy interventions / support

RWInc Reading Intervention sessions to continue in the Summer term for KS3 and KS4 (2 x 45 minute sessions per week for all pupils).   Staff focused on identifying gaps in knowledge and building core skills including sounds, blending and sight vocabulary. 

Following rebaselining of students previously identified; targeted intervention sessions including ESL learners.  [These sessions used as an opportunity to train 3 TAs to support RI work ready for the Autumn term.]


Autumn term onwards: Implementation of new whole school Reading Intervention strategy.  [see resources above for costs; additional targeted RI sessions 3 x teachers; 3 x TAs]


FL, RI Manager and key staff delivering RI to meet half termly to review and plan next steps. 

Cost: Half a day per half term [3 x teachers; 3 x TAs] 

March ‘21


Autumn ‘21

English & Communication Faculty Leader and Reading Intervention & ESL Manage

Summer ‘21


Reviewed on a half termly basis

Total budgeted cost:


Other approaches


Intended outcome and success criteria

How will you make sure it’s implemented well?

Staff lead

When will you review this?

ICT to support for remote learning

All identified pupils that do not have a home or DfE device will have been allocated an appropriate device, and where necessary, devices to allow access to the internet.

75 laptops

Alan Manning

April 21

Additional resources to allow pupils to remain in tutor bases and staff to move between classes

Pupils still have access to quality first teaching from specialist teachers with all supporting materials and resources

Teachers / therapists to request

Faculty leads

April 21

Home support learning materials and resources

Pupils learning at home will have access to resources to allow them to regulate, complete therapy interventions or access education.

Form tutors to report and request

Assistant Heads / Therapists to approve

April 21

Google enterprise


Taxi for reluctant / nervous pupils

To ensure that pupils who would normally travel to school on public transport, but have become anxious, are able to access on site provision whilst interventions to address their anxiety are put in place

Form tutors to report and request

Assistant Heads

April 21

Attendance incentives and rewards

To support reluctant pupils to engage with remote learning and / or to return to on site education. To reward pupils who have outstanding or improved attendance.

Attendance office to monitor and recommend in liaison with FTs

Asst heads

Dec 21

Total budgeted cost: