Bikeability Training

Bikeability Training 

Each year, the Hillingdon Cycling Team came into Meadow over several days to provide some of our pupils with cycle training.   The training was held at Meadow School and on the Cycle Track at Pield Heath School.

Huge thanks to the Hillingdon Cycling Team for coming in to school and providing Cycle Training for Meadow pupils.

The pupils said they:

  • learned how to pump up a tyre.
  • When a car is behind you, you need to signal which way you are going.
  • Stay one metre away from kerb / cars.
  • When you get off the bike, stay on left hand side near pavement (kerb side)
  • when getting off bike, hold onto brakes.

Connor 7JE said: "I enjoyed riding my bike on the road. I feel a little safer now."

Matthew 7JE said: "It was good because we learnt a lot and I can ride on the road safely."

Certificates were presented in assembly.

Mrs Evans
Class Teacher