Arts Project Pack for Easter

Magical Gardens Easter Pack

Exploring Sculpture and Craft on the theme of Gardens and Nature
and a little bit of Magic!


You may wish to add some of the work to a display
as you go along to make your magical garden

Making Jackson pollock style art for Easter Egg Cards


Day 1 - Experimentals Paint Effect

Watch the clip on Jackson Pollack

Discuss how he pours and drips paint on to his paper.

Talk about what his painting is like.

What is action painting?

As an extension you could also try following this online tutorial but for my lesson you will only need some paint and something to get it onto the paper like a brush, cotton bud, spoon etc.

Step 1

Prepare plates of different coloured paints


Step 2

Find a tool like a brush and start adding the paint to paper

Try dripping the paint, pouring the paint. Make different patterns with the paint.

Do at least 5 sheets of paper with different colours that remind you or spring time




You can use a bathroom squeegee to pull the paint and see what effects it makes if you have one!

What else could you try?












Making  Easter Egg Cards


Day Two 

Your paintings should be dry so sut out our paintings in the shape of eggs if you want to make Easter cards, but you could make Spring cards cut in shapes of flowers or anything you like.

Once you have cut out the egg shapes glue them to a folded piece of card or paper to  make your card


Decorating Easter Egg Cards


Once you have finished your painted Easter egg cards. Try different ways of making decorative cards

1-add sequins

2-Make a collage card with torn up pieces of colour paper

3- draw patterns and shapes use clock colouring





1-add sequins, materials, buttons etc.. and paper strips

1 find a range of Materials, look in the kitchen

What about foil?

Look in recycling what about

Cardboard or plastic?

Cut them in nice shapes and

Glue to the card.


2-Make a collage card with torn up pieces of colour paper

1-Draw an egg shape on paper

2-Tear up different coloured paper

3- glue them onto the egg shape

4- Cut out the eggs

Then glue to folded paper to make a card



Make fun pattern designs

1- Draw egg shape


2- Draw patterns


3 colour evenly in different coloured felt pens


4- Cut out egg


5- Glue onto folded paper to make card


Provided by Miss Kepinska - Faculty Lead, Arts