2023 - Dance Interview with ex student - Harry

Dance Interview 

Harry Norris

Harry is an ex Meadow student who returned on a visit whilst creating a media project. He used to be heavily involved in the Performing Arts department whilst he attended Meadow and Miss Kalia used this opportunity to invite Harry back for an interview about his progression since leaving. Harry took part in many after school clubs such as Dance Club and Production Club and even chose Dance options completing his Dance Leadership award.  This then gave Harry opportunities to be a part of school productions and even help write the stories in Scriptwriters Club.


1.  What have you done since leaving Meadow?

Harry - After leaving Meadow I went on to do Performing Arts for 3 years, which was a really fun course. I got to figure out what type of performer I was. I’ve even had a few dance solos!

2.  What do you feel has helped you most from doing Dance at Meadow?

Harry - My memory skills have gotten so much better! The leadership award helped me the most! It gave me the confidence to help other performers. By not always leading, I can still use the skills that I developed on the course. In my first year at college we did a contemporary dance ‘lost in the theme park’ using no words but displaying the emotions through movement. I was able to show the audience my feelings through my body thinking of each action.    

3.  What memories do you have at Meadow that stay with you now?

Harry - The teamwork we had in our dance troupe! We were cooperative we all wanted to work together. The show rehearsals were always really eventful.

4.  How do you ensure you stay strong and fit enough to perform?

Harry - Not as healthy as I was back in dance class! I do swimming twice a week. During lock down, I went for morning jogs. Every break time at college I would make sure, I would walk around on campus.

5.  Describe the best performance you have ever put on. What did you learn from it?

Harry - The best dance I did was in the Addams family (my last one final show for my course). I went all out. In my audition, I knew this would be my biggest challenge, and it was great to see how I achieve it. I asked for an additional scene and suggested ideas from reading the script. I feel like doing the scriptwriters club also helped with this!

6.  What are the most important traits a dancer should have?

Harry - Discipline!  You need to stay committed to your performance as long as you try no matter how the performance goes it does not matter.  Willingness to adapt and learn.  Sometimes I was uncomfortable in Dance class, but I took the steps to reassure myself that I would be okay.  In one dance I was hoisted over a shoulder and thrown over. At first, I didn’t like the idea of it, so I had to learn how to lighten my own body. Also, learn to make mistakes a part of the show.  Recover quickly and act as if it was supposed to happen!

7.  Have you ever forgotten the dance steps during a performance? What happened?

Harry - Many times I was never good at memorising the routines but on performance night, it would just go fine! I would make it look like my character if I got the moves wrong like in Cinderella I played the Dame role and had to dance with someone else. I made it look like my character was getting it all wrong instead which was funnier.

8.  What advice can you give to our dancers at Meadow?

Harry - Keep going with the dances. Be open to trying new ideas even if you are not interested, it may turn out you like it or actually are really good at it.  Be accepting that you will make mistakes along the way.


Interview conducted by Miss Kalia, Class Teacher and Dance Lead