Boomerang Club

On the 6th February we enjoyed another Boomerang session.   Nine of our previous students returned, we had a catch up, played a game and shared a short tour of our school.   It was lovely to hear how everyone is doing and sharing their experiences. 

Some of the feedback we received during this session was :

What are you doing now?

I am now attending Uxbridge College.

I go to the Green Corridor. 

I am doing an internship at the Marriott hotel.

I am a qualified bus driver.

I work in film production. 

What do you miss about Meadow High School ?

Teachers, friends and all the company.

What do you wish you learnt at MHS?

More job searching and computer skills.

Any other comments?

We would like to see you more often.

I love the Marriott.

Meadow has changed and looks better than when I came. 

Our Next Boomerang session is on the 21st March 2024, we cannot wait. 

Ms Carter 
Team Leader, KS5