German School from Hannover Visits Meadow High School / London!

Just before the end of half-term, as a part of an international exchange program, a school from Germany visited Meadow High School. 

During this visit, some of our students had the opportunity to take part in some collaborative activities. We were very excited to visit The Cutty Sark Maritime Museum, take a boat to Westminster and visit The London Eye.  We also had the privilege to visit Windsor Castle to witness the Changing of Guards. Students from both schools had a wonderful time to deepen relationships and exchange experiences. 

A huge thank you to everyone who assisted with these trips.


While at school, our guest students took part in some lessons such as Hairdressing, Food Technology and Sign-Along.  They also continued with the calendar project.  Part of this was to paint a German flag on our Dragon! 

Meadow High School students did really well leading teaching and modelling the English to Sign-Along part of our language exchange system.  They also had fun joining in, listening carefully when our German guests said the word ‘auf Deutsch’. Our 6th Form students were excellent hosts, pairing up with our visitors to help them when we played signing bingo.

Our Year 11s told us:

‘I liked meeting people from a different country.’

‘I liked having a go at speaking German.’

‘I was interested in the sounds of you need to make to speak German. I liked trying to roll my ‘r’s!’

‘I think I did well at teaching signing.’

‘I think I did well at trying something new.’

‘I would like to go and visit Germany.’

‘I would like them to come back and visit again.’

I hope you have a relaxing half term.

Mrs Fabisch & Mr Szabo