Promfest - Thursday 13 July 2023

Pupils and staff are recovering today from the amazing Promfest last night! Our young adults from Years 11 to 14 were able to join us for an evening of fashion, live music, dancing, friendship, chatting and food wagons!  Mrs Sugden and
Mrs Tudor (with the help of an army of helpers) transformed the school and made it a magical evening for everyone involved.   There are so many thank yous for an event of this size:

  • Mrs Sugden and Mrs Tudor for the huge amount of work that goes into organising an event like this
  • Our salon team who made the pupils look so handsome and beautiful
  • Our prom shop staff for kitting out so many pupils in gorgeous outfits
  • Mr Ellis and his musician friends for providing us with amazing live music
  • Jordan from our Premises team for all he did on an incredibly long day
  • All the staff who contributed to set up and pack down
  • All the staff who supported pupils throughout the evening to ensure they had the best evening possible