Winter Showcase 2021

This year for the Winter showcase students have been taking part in catch up curriculum projects within their Art and Performing art lessons as a way of incorporating missed work from last year.  Within their lessons students have learnt Jazz dance with some characterisation, Christmas songs signed along, decorated Christmas pinecone ornaments and graffiti designed t-shirts.  The whole school has also been involved in many of the activities and competitions around school. Like last year the class Grotto door competition has been a real hit and students have been very creative in their designs! Each class has decorated a  bauble to go up in the hall window onto a giant Christmas tree as part of the hall's decoration for this festive season. There has also been a key stage Christmas card competition with so many amazing entries- the winners from each key stage presented below!

Pathway 1- Liam H,
KS5- Paige H,
KS4- Luke M,
KS3- Brooke B. 

Classes have had the opportunity to create their own performances within their form which has been great fun. Students have sung along to songs, re-enacted stories and been filmed making Christmas crafts. They have been able to showcase their work within Key stage assemblies and some staff members also made some guest appearances from the Masked singer entertainment during Christmas lunches.

This year Pathway 1 and Year 11 Music held a busking event to showcase their work to students. Classes had time slots to come down to the hall and watch a set of songs performed by the group whilst keeping to covid guidelines. Pathway 1 performed carols and played songs on the ocarina. Instead of money the group had stars given from each class at the end of the set and received 33 stars altogether! Students were very well behaved sitting in the audience and gave kind comments about their performances. In year 11 Music a band was formed to perform a pop song, a minimalism piece written within their lesson and a Christmas number to get the audience involved. Staff were also part of the band which meant Miss Zara joined in with singing as well as Mr Ellis on guitar which the students loved to see. They managed to collect 47 stars and did brilliantly considering they unfortunately missed a band mate.

The year 11 Drama group went around to present a news report promoting the busking event and staged a professional performance to classes. This got the classes excited for their events and prepared them with the health and safety rules within the hall.

We hope that next year we will be able to resume back to our usual Winter concert and facilitate using the new hall.

Thank you for all your support,

Ms Kalia and Arts Team