January 2018


Unfortunately, we did not quite reach our target of 230 shoeboxes for the Jason Roberts Foundation in Grenada.   We will be continuing our appeal throughout 2018, with a view to ship these out ready for next Christmas so that every child at the three Special Needs schools will receive a present. If you have any unwanted gifts, toys or stationary at home please think of bringing these in to add to our appeal.

Thank you to all who have donated so far. 

Miss Nolan & Mrs Daniels (Sixth Form Tutors)

Dear Parents/Guardians,

A few years ago we asked children to fill a shoebox with non-perishable goodies that can be taken to The Jason Roberts Foundation, a school in Grenada, where children can receive them on Christmas day. Having virtually nothing, and living in very poor conditions, the children who receive these gifts from the charity loved the boxes and their contents.

We have asked the children again to take part if they so wish, and the deadline for bringing your completed shoebox into school for distribution to Grenada is Friday, 24th November. They will be collected from school on this date, so any brought in afterwards will not unfortunately go to Grenada.

Items that could be included:

Cars, trucks, etc, balls, complete jigsaws, action figures, colouring books, pens, crayons, lego blocks, yo-yo, bubble blowers, wooden and plastic toys, building blocks, pencil case, pencil sharpener, dominoes, playdough / plasticine & cutters, fluffy toys, dolls, stickers, writing pads, skipping rope, scarf, mittens / gloves, hat, harmonica, games, cards…

A box can be for a girl, boy or can be unisex.

A card with the sender’s name and a photograph is also a nice thing to include.

Boxes can gift wrapped but please wrap box and lid separately, as these will need to be checked before shipping.

What NOT to include in boxes

Food, sweets, chocolate & drinks, battery operated toys, conflict related items, matches, inflammable liquids, inflammable aerosols (e.g.: deodorants & hair spray), seeds or any other living material, nothing sharp.

Above all, the contents should be of a good quality, remembering that the recipient will be opening the box in eager anticipation, and especially with the toys, quite possibly the first real gifts they have received for a very long time. 

You can also donate items to put into boxes as 6th form students will be making up shoeboxes at school.

Completed shoeboxes, and items to go in the shoeboxes, should be taken to Room 63 (Miss Nolan's Classroom) or Room 18 (Mrs Daniels' Classroom).

Many thanks in anticipation of your support.

Miss Nolan and Mrs Daniels (Sixth Form Teachers)


Meadow High School has been working with The Jason Roberts Foundation for a number of years.  We have supported three SEN Schools in Grenada.   To read all about the project please visit our Learning/International/Grenada page.     


The photos below are of the last time we did a Shoebox Appeal for Grenada in 2013.   You can see how many shoeboxes were donated by Meadow families and staffand how much the children in Grenada loved opening their parcels !