ASTHMA UK - Information and advice on going back to school

Please find below a message from the Paediatric Asthma Team at Hillingdon Hospital:


Dear All,

As some of the children return to school this week, we hope you continue to keep well.

We wanted to get in touch and let you know that there is updated health advice on going back to school, on the Asthma UK website. 

We’ve had lots of questions from parents and carers who have children with asthma about the reopening of schools- much of this is covered:

Asthma UK, as are all of us, are following government guidance and advising parents who are worried about sending their child back to school to contact their GP.

There is also a page advising parents how they can prepare their children for going back to school including tips to cut the risk of them having an asthma attack:

Dr Louise Flemming  has kindly written a blog for Asthma UK on children, asthma and COVID risk:

We hope this information is helpful; as always please do not hesitate to get in touch,

Best wishes,

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