Car Parking Arrangements on School Site

Important Information for Parents

Car Parking Arrangements on School Site


Dear Parents and Carers,

Access to the front car park, where the roundabout is, needs to be limited when the coaches and school transport are on site. This is due to health and safety concerns. 

No parents/carers vehicles (including private taxis organised by parents) can access the site while school transport coaches and minibuses are on site. This is usually between 8:30am and 8:50am and between 2:45pm and 3:20pm.

Please note: If transport coaches are still on site after 3:20 parents will not be able to enter the carpark unless you are attending a pre-arranged meeting in school. 

We appreciate that this causes some difficulties, however we have had to make this decision following some near accidents in the carpark. We are happy to discuss your needs on an individual basis if you feel there are safety or physical difficulties that you feel we should consider. 

We are also happy to keep any pupils who are picked up, in school until 3:30pm to allow time for you to access the main school carpark.  Please also be aware that the traffic wardens often patrol the local area, particularly in the afternoons.

The staff carpark is extremely congested and cannot be accesses by parents at any time, this includes to drop off or pick up pupils.  

Finally, a reminder that the site speed limit is 5mph, parents MUST drive round the roundabout the correct right direction and park safely without causing any blockages.

Thank you for helping us keep pupils safe.

Mrs J Rigby—Headteacher