Coming up .... E Safety Events

Meadow High School is holding an E-Safety Information Morning and Evening to share the 
findings from the family survey, providing an opportunity to discuss areas of concern highlighted by families.

The meeting will explore: 

  • Issues that parents face in an ever changing electronic environment.
  • How parents can be guided to and understand an array of relevant and practical 
  • resources and programs.
  • How to engage children in a dialogue encouraging an open environment which helps 
  • children report any problems they may have. 

The dates for the meetings are :

Thursday 17 May 2018 5.00pm—6.30pm  

Friday 18 May 2018 - 9.30am—11.00am.  
If you would like to attend either meeting please let Reception know.

Mr M Rainsbury— Head of Computing, Technology and Science