Meadow 50th Birthday - October 2016

Meadow High School is 50 years old this year (1966-2016)

Meadow High School 50th Birthday Celebrations Week 3-7 October 2016

To celebrate the 50th Birthday of Meadow High School we had a whole host of events and visitors at school last week.   Not only did we welcome back ex-members of staff who were shown around by our new Head Boy and Head Girl, we also had:  

  • a Meadow interactive Museum,
  • 1960s Living Room,
  • guided 1960s Playground Games,
  • 1960s Cartoon Club,
  • a 1960s themed non-uniform day,
  • a "Spot the Baby" staff member competition,
  • the creation and collection of artefacts to go in our time capsule,
  • the opening of our new Sensory Garden,
  • the burying of the time capsule,
  • a street party and disco.

On the Wednesday we had a non-uniform day.  Staff and pupils dressed in 1960s themed outfits.   We saw everything from  The Beatles to The Fonz, to mini dresses and even a few hippies !.

We were very honoured to have some very special guests with us on Friday for the Opening Ceremony and the party.  

The children of Meadow's very first Head Teacher, Mr Keith Everett, came back to see how the school has changed in 50 years.  Not only did they tell us that Mr Macdonald's office was the original staff room, they noted that even lunctimes have changed from "family service" where staff sat at the head of the table and served the pupils lunch from platters to "cafeteria" style service.  Both changes are due to the enormous increase in the numbers of pupils from 95 to 228 !  

We were also thrilled to have Mrs Dane and her husband join us. Mrs Dane was Mr Everett's secretary and is the mother of two of our current members of staff.

Other guests included representatives of organisations who have supported Meadow over the years either through financial donations or voluntary work.  The Jack Petchy Foundation, Anadarko, The Ahmadiya Muslim Association, Glaxo Smith Kline were all present to celebrate with us.

The Worshipful the Mayor and Mayoress of Hillingdon, Councillor John Hensley and Diane Hensley, helped us celebrate by attending the Opening Ceremony of the Sensory Garden, meeting with School Council members and cutting our birthday cake.  The Mayor then presented pupils with a commemorative mug bought with money donated  by the Jack Petchy Foundation.

Finally, were delighted to welcome the Honorable Mr Boris Johnson, MP for Uxbridge and the Foreigh Secretary of State,  Mr Johnson opened our Sensory Garden and planted our time capsule.  The pupils and staff were very excited to have such a well known figure attend our School.  Mr Johnson was very complimentary about the work that he could see being undertaken here and the exemplary behaviour of our pupils.  All in a busy, rewarding week !


We made the press!   Click here to read.

 Here are some quotes from the day:

Mrs Edwards 
Vice Chair of Governors

It was a pleasure to be able to join in the birthday celebrations and to attend the opening of the Sensory Garden.  This new resource has been created by the students for the students and transformed a previously unused space. I am sure it will be great fun.   Thank you to everyone who helped make this a memorable event and the birthday cake was delicious!


Mrs Kalia 
Associate Governor

Despite a few drops of mild showers for a very short while the children and staff happily went ahead with the day’s celebrations with a lot of energy and laughter and shared the experience with good humour, support and team effort.


Re. the Museum:

a wonderful way of actually visualising the times for us and the children particularly. I saw our celebrities enjoyed their time there too. This showed the positive similarities and memories we all share from 50 years ago and now regardless of all the different backgrounds we are all from.

I saw the beginnings of the garden when it was virtually wasteland and it was so wonderful to see how it had been transformed!

Taken from Letter of Thanks from 
Everett Family (Mr Everett was the first Head Teacher at Meadow)



"It was a wonderful, happy day; the organisation was superb and everyone made us feel so welcome.

Our visit bought back many memories."

Taken from Letter of Thanks from Mrs Dane, a former secretary at Meadow



"The students were so helpful and polite."

"The museum was  amazing and for me brought back many happy memories.  The students serving refreshments  there were  most helpful."

"Your new Sensory Garden is a really wonderful asset."

Pupil Feedback:

Hana (10JM)
I thought the Birthday Celebrations were really good.  I liked the museum. On Friday Boris shook my hand. I liked my comemorative mug. I had hot chocolate in it on Friday.

Cameron (10MC)
I liked the 1960s room and pretending to be an old man sleeping.  The sweets from the 1960s were weird.  I enjoyed Friday's party and seeing the Mayor.  I liked looking at the photos in the museum.

Jamie (10MC)
I liked looking at the old toys.  I beat miss Bhopal on the Cup and Ball (x15 times) I enjoyed Friday. It was fun.  I liked my mug.

Louis (10PS)
On Friday I saw the Mayor and the food was really nice. I liked the five tier cake Mrs Shulkla made, it was delicious!

Anisha (10PS)
I liked the Museum, especialy the 1960s room.  We took loads of photos.  I really enjoyed our party, the food was delicious.

Rebecca (10PS)
I shook hands with the Mayor.  I enjoyed the flashmob. It was a fun party.

Hassan ( 8MK)
It was exciting seeing Boris Johnson. I enjoyed the party.

Matthew (8MK)
It was quite fun.

Bailey (8MK)
I loved seeing Boris

Ann (8MK)
It was a great day.  Thanks for organising it Miss Bhopal.

Leah (7EB)
Thank you for organisng today.  Today was the best day.  I love  Meadow (more than my old school).

Please see our Our School / Gallery page for loads more photos of our 50th Birthday Celebration Week.