Work Experience

Alternative Work Experience 2016

During work experience students were busy transforming a piece of land at the back of the school which had became a dumping ground over the years!

The students cleared the debris and removed the long grass and brambles and other weeds. The land was dug over to prepare for the next stages. The fences were painted in bright colours to form a rainbow and a brick path was started. We had a professional path layer who came in to show us how to lay a brick path correctly. This area is going to be turned into a Sensory Garden with lots of colour from the fence panels and the plants and things to touch and smell. The garden will be completed by the Horticulture groups in time to be opened for our school birthday party in the summer term!

There is going to be competition involving all form groups to come up with a name for the schools’ new Sensory Garden    

We went to collect about 20 tyres from M & C tyres in Park View road. The tyres have been painted in bright colours and positioned around the school and have daffodils and other some flowering plant which is brightening the back of the school. We have also planted lot of daffodils bulbs at the front of the school which will make a colourful display next spring!

Every day at break time there was food for sale which was made by the students during the morning. The items for sale were Vegetable soup, Waffles cream and jam, Carrot cakes, Rock buns and Fairy cakes the bread served with the soup was also handmade.

There was also lots of plant pot decorating during the two weeks which were planted with spring bulbs  

One group made candles in cups! Cups and saucers were purchased at local charity shops and the cups were glued to the saucers and the wick and wax added those will be on sale

Student were busy planting seeds in the Polly Tunnel ready to planted out after the Easter Holidays