Winter Concerts - December 2018

The Winter Concerts' based on Winter Wonderland, was a heart rendering success on many levels this year, with two parent performances and one whole school assembly making concert week a very busy week for all.
All the shows included some fun and elegant pieces from the Performing Arts Option subjects and it was notable how much variety the pupils had in their performances.  Every student clearly excelled themselves in both the 'Thematic and Year 9 show' and 'The year 7 and 8 show', leading  to a brilliant atmosphere in all.
The new Year 7's performed an impressive range of skills with 7CH and 7FM joining together on stage singing choir music to percussion to a very impressive Djembe ensemble from 7SK.  We were all impressed by their talent! The lovely Sparkle and Shine performance from 7LP rounded up an extremely strong stage presence from year 7.   

The Year 8' s again displayed confident musical ability.  8MS displayed complicated Boom-whacker skills playing Rudolf and 8CB gave us a heart felt rendition of their song 'Jambo Christmas'. 

Thematic staff made big efforts to support pupils in some lovely tear jerking performances: LD and JR combined to perform a buoyant rendition of 'His name in  Santa', YA were particularly on point with all their performances and FB and JE did an impressive 'Baby Shark' interpretation with a Christmas theme a real crowd pleaser!   

Year 9 took over the stage with their melodic 'In Dreams' from The Lord of the Rings and Shining Stars were yet again sparkling away this year thanks to the support of Mr. Mubarak, 
Mrs. Sappal and Miss Robinson. 
All in all the diversity of the performances and the wide range of abilities displayed gave a lovely feel for the multi-talented pupils  in our school
This is what some of the parents had to say:

"It was so good I cried," 

 "That's the first time I have seen my child doing things that other children usually do,"   

"It was the best show I have ever seen!"  "It was superb," "He looked so happy and he actually sang! Thank you to all the staff who put the performance together, I could see a lot of time and effort went in to it."

Many parents also liked seeing the older students perform and then seeing their younger pupil in it, one parent said "it shows me what my child may be able to do in the future."

Thank you for all those involved and the fabulous support from parents, staff, SLT and Governors.  Photos on the website soon !

Miss Kepinska
Arts Faculty Leader