Transition Policy

Transition Policy and Agreement

Our Vision

To ensure all pupils and families entering Meadow High School are welcomed and supported through their transition into Meadow.

To support pupils and their families in transferring seamlessly between schools, maintaining and building on education and support established in Key Stage 2 and other secondary schools.


To have high standards of communication between Meadow High School and its feeder schools.

To have pupil profiles in place for all pupils prior to them starting at Meadow.

To have Risk Assessments and Positive Handling Plans in place prior to pupils’ entry to Year 7  where it is evident that they will be needed.

To have assessments by the Multi Disciplinary Team prior to entry into Year 7 where appropriate and possible.

To have care plans in place prior to entry to Year 7 where appropriate.

To have policies and procedures in place which are agreed and implemented by all stakeholders.

To have shared teaching strategies and classroom routines in Year 6 and Year 7 which include agreed standards and expectations.

To have shared planning based on Key Stage 2 assessments and Year 7 baseline assessments.

To use a variety of teaching strategies to meet the needs of all children and to build on their prior attainment.

To allocate staff giving particular attention to the individual needs of the children, taking into consideration their social, emotional and educational needs as well as any risk assessments and PHPs.

To undertake visits and meetings between feeder primary schools and MHS both for teachers, members of the Multi Disciplinary Team and pupils.

To ensure that transition is a positive experience which supports and motivates children and their families.


  • That all relevant assessments are undertaken prior to a pupil’s entry to Year 7 or during their first term at Meadow.  .
  • That  resources can be planned for and put in place prior to a pupil’s entry to Year 7.
  • That wherever necessary MDT team are able to visit pupils in feeder school before they start at Meadow so that their therapeutic support can be planned for prior to entry to Meadow.  If this is not possible that they have early assessment in pupils first half term.
  • That communication takes place between Meadow High School and the feeder schools so that all relevant information about a pupil is transferred.
  • That pupil's enter Year 7 with knowledge of the routines and expectations in Key Stage 3. 
  • That year 7 classes are predominantly class taught to enable a smooth transition between phases and ensure that all pupils are give appropriate time to settle into Meadow High School.
  • That a pupil profile on an agreed format will be completed for all pupils transferring to Meadow High school and Year 7 pupils will be displayed in staffroom as well as being emailed to all staff.
  • That Meadow offers a bespoke and detailed transition package for every child irrespective of the child’s complexity.
  • That continuity in learning and teaching methods is achieved.
  • That parents/carers are fully involved and kept informed of the transition process.
  • That monitoring and evaluation of all aspects of the transition process are undertaken and any developments are integrated into school improvement planning.
  • That staff knowledge and understanding of the pupils joining the school incorporates all information necessary to allow a safe, supportive transition.

Procedure (for the majority of pupils)

  • December: Y6 invitation to the Christmas concert – mainly for Hedgewood pupils as schools are not named until February.
  • When Meadow suggested as potential secondary transition school visit children in schools, collect examples of work and information from schools and meet with staff familiar with children to collect information for profiles.
  • January: Story Time at Meadow in 3 smaller groups – all pupils invited but not all are likely to attend as statements have not been completed with Meadow named for all
  • February: ICT/art session at Meadow (making a card) – 3 smaller groups and tour of school
  • March: Treasure Hunt and lunch at Meadow before Easter
  • March: after Easter Food Tech session at Meadow in 3 smaller groups.
  • April: follow up visit to schools from transition coordinator and MDT team and potentially outreach coordinator
  • May:  Meet the tutor morning and lunch at Meadow
  • May: Half day lesson experience and lunch at Meadow
  • June: Year 7 tutors to visit pupils in current settings
  • July: Borough transition day, when the children will receive their personalised transition booklets

Additional sessions including lunch session where needed.

Other dates to be confirmed

The transition coordinator also plans to attend summer parents evening at Hedgewood to talk to parents about any concern or questions they have (June) and will meet with any other parents by appointment.

New parents induction evening June/July 2014 (see below for further details)

For following year

A parents meeting date with opportunity for parents and pupils to walk round the school-  November(for pupils entering the following year to fit in with other secondary schools open evenings) 

New parents coffee afternoon(s) - possible some at Hedgewood 


Whilst this is the general plan for all Year 7 pupils transitioning to Meadow there is flexibility within this to meet individual needs.  Other years transitioning into Meadow are based on individual circumstances.



Parents and Carers are welcome to visit the school for a tour of our facilities while their child is in Year 5 - open mornings are available the first Tuesday in every month or by appointment at other times.

For the parents/carers of pupils who have Meadow High School named on the statement of Special Educational Needs, an Induction Parents evening will be held to which parents/carers are warmly invited and advised to attend. This evening will provide parents/carers with an introduction to the school and also give an opportunity to meet their child’s new teacher, MDT team,  the medical team and pastoral team. They will also be able to sample food prepared in the school kitchen and order their child’s uniform in plenty of time for them starting in September.


Role of the Meadow High School Transition Coordinator

The co-ordinator for transition is responsible for monitoring and standards within transition and producing the first pupil profile.

The co-ordinator supports colleagues by giving them information about current developments in transition and providing a strategic lead and direction for transition between Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3. 

The co-ordinator for transition will, wherever practicable,  observe the pupils in situ prior to placement to ensure that all necessary assessments and planning can be put in place.

The co-ordinator for transition will ensure that the pupil profile is made available to all the Meadow High School staff.   These will be emailed out to all staff before pupil start and stored on the school server.

The co-ordinator for transition will ensure that the Year 7 prospective pupils’ photographs and profiles will be displayed for staff at Meadow High School on the specifically designated board in the staff room at the earliest opportunity.  Others will be emailed out to all staff.


This policy will be reviewed every 2 years or whenever deemed necessary by the Head Teacher and Governors in the light of events and changes in the law.

Produced by Claire Caddell – Assistant Head Teacher for Year 7, Complex LD and Transition

February 2014


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